Metal-to-Plastic Conversion Reduces Cost and Weight Without Sacrificing Performance Plastic Conversion For customers looking to reduce the cost and weight of parts, without sacrificing quality and wear resistance, metal-to-plastic conversion is often explored and deployed as an optimal solution.

With advancements in design, engineered plastics can be just as strong and chemical and heat resistant which makes plastic a great option for many parts, particularly those used in fluid handling systems and other high-temperature applications.

Plastic Moulding

For over 14 years, Tecknovus has been a leading provider of plastic molding solutions, manufacturing Three Hundred and above products that enhance everyday life. We produce high-quality plastic parts for a diverse customer base around the world.

Overmoulding and Insert Moulding

Overmolding is a valued technology for producing products that stand the test of time. Tecknovus helps you manufacture items that feel better and last longer.

With small modifications, you can make big changes to make an item, such as Tractor Seats, easier to grip or to give it a more pleasant feel.

For over a decade, Tecknovus has been delivering insert moulding components to customers. Over the years, we have been able to enhance the process to produce more than two hundred parts in a fully automated process.

Metal to Plastic Conversion

At Tecknovus, we’re proud to offer expert metal-to-plastic conversion services that can help you unlock significant cost savings and performance benefits. With our cutting-edge technology and Advanced Technology of quality controls, we’re able to deliver top-quality plastic components that match or exceed the performance of their metal counterparts, all while being more cost-effective and durable.


Discover the critical assembly stage in the production process and ensure a smooth manufacturing operation with expert guidance.

When Tecknovus handles both moulding and final assembly, we shorten your supply chain and increase efficiency. Integrating these production stages lets us tackle your project with more flexibility, helping us to reduce waste and, ultimately, improve margins. where we handle all moulding activities through to testing, packing and order fulfillment.

Surface Finishing

Tecknovus has painting and printing capabilities, including premium surface finishing in polished, textured & printed.

Trust Tecknovus to provide superior surface finishing for all your plastic molding needs.

Different surface finishing techniques at Tecknovus

In-mould decoration (IMD)

In-mould labeling (IML)

Laser etching

Contract Manufacturing

As a company, we have carefully managed our expansion over the past 14 years, to make sure that we retain our flexibility and accessibility in contract manufacturing. The result is that we proudly deliver projects both to small businesses and to some of the biggest companies in the world.

Injection Molding

Service Details
Lead Time
About 30 days, but the specific time is mainly based on the

Mold Structure
Production Options Domestic and International Materials Most plastics, including custom sourcing and matching; see materials list below

Machines Available
Single, multi-cavity, and family molds; 50 to 2,500+ injection molding tonnage; side actions including hand-loaded cores.

Inspection and Certification Options
ISO 9001: 2015
Tool Ownership Customer-owned with mold maintenance

Mold Cavity Tolerances
+/- 0.005″ when machining the mold and an additional +/- 0.002″ per inch when calculating for shrink rate

Critical Feature Tolerances
Tighter tolerances can be requested and may increase the cost of tooling because of additional sampling and grooming.

Processing Capabilities

This system is used worldwide by leading manufacturers and is characterized by controlled and exact metering. Not only does this ensure that the foamed product is always of a consistently high quality, but it also significantly reduces scrap.


The packing stage:
At this point, pressure is adjusted, and additional material is injected into the mold to account for material shrinkage and backflow.

The holding stage:
During this phase, the material is held in place at a pressure equilibrium until gate freeze occurs, at which point the cooling process begins.

Tolerance Range

Plastic molding tolerances are critical in assembling products having multiple injection molded parts. For example, if you want to join two plastic molded parts using a bolt, you need to drill a hole in both parts. Any error in the location and size of the holes can result in errors during assembling and loss of function. Therefore, there is a need for locational tolerances on both parts for maximum function.


  • Increase safety in the work environment.
  • Reduce the need for spare parts and storage space.
  • Carry out continuous improvement actions.
  • Be more competitive, productive and efficient.


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Tecknovus is your gateway to cutting-edge plastic molding solutions. With a passion for innovation and precision, we mold your ideas into reality, delivering excellence with every creation.

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Tecknovus is your gateway to cutting-edge plastic injection molding solutions. With a passion for innovation and precision, we mold your ideas into reality, delivering excellence with every creation.

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